Why is Hello Smile Pen suitable for your smile?

We believe that usage of our product should be a pleasure as much as the result. Advanced Hello Smile Pen has dual system of operation, provides a hygienic mode of use, perfect dosage of whitening serum for each individual use, and easy application of serum to all visible areas of your smile

We use only natural ingredients in order to keep your teeth not only whiter but also healthier. This ensures the protection of your teeth, the strengthening of the enamel and the reduction of plaque buildup.

What is new about Hello Smile Pen?

Absolutely everything!
Starting from the packaging of the product, the design of the pen itself and the new enhanced formula. We have invested a lot of time, effort and knowledge to present you a perfect product that will fulfill all your expectations!

How long will my Hello Smile Pen last?

Hello Smile Pen will last 4-6 weeks of daily usage even for the most demanding users.

How much time does it take for Hello Smile Pen to whiten my teeth?

The difference is visible after 1-4 days, depending on current whiteness of your teeth.
It has been clinically proven that an advanced Hello Smile Pen has such an effect on your teeth that it can whiten them up to eight shades.
Once whitened, your teeth will keep the whiteness as long as you regularly maintain the hygiene of your teeth.

How to use Hello Smile Pen?

Our pen is very easy to use.
Rotate the lower part of Hello Smile Pen to get the gel from the pen to the applicator. The first use requires an additional click to make the gel appear. Put your smile on your face and hold your lips stretched and then apply a thin layer of gel to all teeth. The gel will immediately activate and begin to whiten your teeth. Relax your lips after 30 seconds. The gel will gradually dissolve during treatment. Do not take food or liquid for 30 minutes and then rinse the mouth gently.

How many times a day should I use Hello Smile Pen?

Product should be used once a day.

Bubbles in teeth – why is this happening?

Do not worry, it is normal. Our formula contains agents which clean and strengthen your teeth, so when the gel comes into contact with bacteria it will start to make bubbles.

I swallowed some gel, what should I do?

Do not worry; swallowed gel will not cause any negative effects to your health and body.

Is whitening by advanced Hello Smile Pen truly safe?

Of course it is. Our new advanced formula contains only harmless ingredients which will not harm your teeth or enamel. It has been clinically tested and approved.

I have an additional question

Send us an email for all additional questions to: info@thehellosmile.rs and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.